Monday, January 12, 2009


Christi brought the Charades tradition to Boise this year. It was a big hit. And yes her team won as always.

Getting liquified at Liquid.

We hooked up with family and friends at Liquid!

Dannii and Christi having Yager shots!

Me and my sisters.

The crew...

Greg and I

Too cute!

New Camera

I got a new camera for Christmas. Thanks Christi! Its a Cannon POWERSHOT SX10IS. It's a very nice camera. I took a lot of photos of the wildlife outside my parents house to get a feel for the new camera. I like it!

Skiing at Bogus Basin

We tore it up at Bogus on our trip to Boise. We left 78 degree weather Friday and were skiing in 5 degree weather the next day! BURR!!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful though, we could see for about a hundred miles. My Dad, Christi, Wendy, Dannii, Manny, Alan, Burt, and I all froze our butts off.

Bumper Cars

Our trip to Idaho was a blast! We rented out Idaho Ice World's bumper cars... Too much fun!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

This year for Christmas I worked on finding some old photo's to send to everyone. Here are some of them! They were really fun!

Larry had a birthday party and Spencer and Trey and I were invited! It was so nice! The conversation turned a little racy after a couple glasses of wine! As usual, the food was delicious!